Welcome to Leadership At Its Best!

Leadership At Its Best, LLC is a Columbus, Ohio based company that has a seven year track record of provides leadership and development training for pre-college students in public and charter school districts and college/university students and student organizational leaders. Our the seven years the BOLD - Black-student Orientation to Leadership Development programs with an emphases on African-American males continues to work to develop young men to be the best they can be.
The company also provides human resources, leadership and diversity training for corporations, school systems and non-profit organizations.

Our Vision
To be a provider of outstanding leadership training, coaching and development programs.

Our Mission
To help individuals and organizations achieve their maximum potential for success.

Our Organizational Philosophy
Setting People and Organizations Up for Success

Upcoming Events

  • Atlanta, GA – Westwood College – April 28
  • Saginaw, MI – May 3
  • Clarksdale, MS – The Marco W McMillian BOLD Conference  May 10
  • Columbus OH – June 7
  • Washington, DC – July 19
  • Huntsville, AL – TBD
  • Jackson, MS _TBD
  • Dayton, OH – TBD
  • Detroit, MI – TBD
  • Cleveland, OH -TBD