Tommie Huston

Tommie Huston is an eighteen-year-old Christian Minister and Motivational Speaker born and raised in Columbus, Ohio.

Tommie graduated from Hilliard Bradley High School with a 4.1 GPA in 2019. During his Freshman year of High School, he graduated from the Computing Career Corps (designed to help excelled youth learners develop professional skills in the Technical and Computing fields). During his Junior year of High School, Minister Huston attended the Tolles Technical Career Center for Art, Design & Communications. He was involved in Band and played Football, receiving two Scholar Athlete Awards for performing exceedingly in the classroom and on the field, and varsity letters for Football, Band, and Academics.

Tommie was ordained as a Minister of the Gospel of Christ at Maranatha Deliverance Tabernacle, the same year he graduated from High School. After graduating, he completed a semester in college while working two jobs. When the semester was over, he decided to take a break from college and quit one of his jobs so that he could focus on what God created him to do.

Tommie works primarily with middle school students, all the way up to college students. He especially works with young black men to not only achieve greater academic success, but to look beyond academics and into how valuable their lives and their futures are.

Tommie knows that God created him to teach The Gospel of Christ, and to motivate his peers. That is what he hopes to do for the rest of his life.