The Ohio State University Engages Leadership At Its Best

Press Announcement December 11, 2018 The Ohio State University Engages Leadership At Its Best Dr. Carter D Womack, President of Leadership At Its Best announces that The Ohio State University, Trio Upward Bound program, Office of Diversity and Inclusion has engaged his team. Leadership At Its Best will conduct its Junior Executive Development (JED) leadership […]

Importance of social media and community

The Purpose of Social Media Communities

I often think that community is the missing piece of true understanding in society. I often hope that real communities are not replaced by social media communities. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against the role of social media in our society today, I think it does serve great purpose. However, just as with […]

Does it REALLY matter what you do on Social Media?

Kids are just having fun right? What difference does it make what they post online? This picture is circling the internet now: I was unable to verify if the postings are actually true, but it certainly is plausible. Why? Because the way the world works has changed, and is changing and we have not educated […]

Is Social Media Important When Looking for Job?

Social media is an ever increasing tool used by employers, recruiters and colleges to examine the integrity and credibility of a person. It can used a a fast and cheap background check, and is often the first “look” at a person who fills out an application. The things you post on social media can give […]

Students Meet Leaders at Congressional Black Caucus Event

Originally Posted: June 4, 2013   Montgomery County Public Schools Carter D. Womack, president and CEO of Leadership At Its Best in Columbus, Ohio, talks with students at the Congressional Black Caucus event. Thirty-two African American 10th grade students spent the day in Washington, D.C., on Sept. 22 meeting with members of Congress and other leaders to […]

Young, Black And On Track

Why African-American Boys Often Fail in School By ERNEST HOLSENDOLPH Atlanta Journal-Constitution Staff Writer African-American boys: lose the skullcaps, pull up the droopy pants and get to work. Parents, teachers, employers and girlfriends agree. If you’re looking for your future, you’ll find it in school. While the rest of the country toils in universities and […]


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