To help organizations develop, implement, and evaluate their human capital programs and business initiatives and to position the organization as the workplace of choice. A workplace that values diversity, inclusion and addresses all forms systemic racism.


The establishment of strong human capital programs in organizations continues to be a major challenge and issue that must be addressed if organizations are to truly meet the demands for long-term business success. The recruitment, development and retention of high-quality talent is critical to the success of all businesses; therefore, it is important for organizations to have well defined human resources programs and systems in place.

As a business leader with more than 35 years’ experience and success in implementing pro-active human resources initiatives in support of key business strategies, we are positioned to assist your organization in achieving its objectives. With expertise in training and development, executive management, recruitment, retention, human capital, succession planning and accountability, employee relations and advocacy, start-up/turn-around scenarios, development and execution of HR policies and procedures, compensation management, corporate benefit administration, driving customer satisfaction and loyalty programs, reward/recognition strategies, we are able to deliver appropriate, timely and cost-effective business solutions to insure the profitability of organizations.

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HR Organizational Design and Support

Our team can assist organizations in the establishment of an effective HR organization and can provide specific services as needed.

Organizational Assessment

Meet with the leadership team to determine the overall strategic plan for the business and identification of business issues and the HR implication.

Organization Design

Assist in the design of the organizational team that will be in line with the short and long term business objectives.

HR Policy Development

Review current policies and develop others that will be needed to ensure the organization’s compliance with all regulations and is tied to the business plan objective.

Workforce Planning

Conduct an internal audit of the current staff performance rating, turnover for the last three years, exit interviews, employee opinion surveys and other business indicators to establish recruiting and succession planning needs.

Professional and Executive Coaching

Provide Professional and Executive Coaching for identified members of the organization at various levels

Develop On Boarding Systems

Design effective systems to ensure that all new associates are introduced to the organization and its culture, mission, programs, policies, business objectives, and have a clear understanding of the success factors and expectations in their function.

Compensation Plan Design

Design a compensation program that is in line with the business and drives for high performance from all associates.

Benefit Program Development

Design cost effective benefit programs that support the overall business objectives.

Diversity, Inclusion Strategic Planning, Development, Implementation and Evaluation

Conduct cultural assessment of the organization from the general associates view, conduct meetings and training with senior management about the overall business strategy for the organization and the role diversity-inclusion plays in it. Development of a diversity-inclusion strategy that is aligned with the overall business strategy.

Conduct training programs at all levels in the organization about Diversity, Inclusion, and systemic racism.

Payroll System Set-Up

Assist organization in the establishment of a payroll system either internally or outsourcing this service.

Employee Relations Management

Establish ongoing educational programs for front line leaders to ensure that they are equipped to handle day-to-day employee relations matters. Establish systems and programs to bring quick resolution to issues within the HR organization.

Performance Management Design

Develop performance management systems that would enable associates and management to identify core competencies to set SMART goals and objectives in direct correlation. The system will support the organization’s ability to assess the effectiveness of each associate in their position and identify strengths and weaknesses and make recommendations.

Training and Development Program Design and Implementation

Develop appropriate training and development programs based on the needs of specific departments or general needs of the business. This will include development, instruction, evaluation, assessment, and feedback.

Internal Communication Program Design

Assess the needs of the organization and develop appropriate communication programs to ensure that we are keeping the associates connected to the leadership team and updated on the status of business imperatives.

Health and Safety Program Development

Develop the appropriate health and safety programs to ensure that the organization is in compliance with all federal, state and local government regulations, including associate training.

HR Information System Selection and Implementation

Assist organization in the establishment of a HRIS either internally or outsourcing this service based on the needs of the business.

Legal HR Compliance

Assess the organization and develop programs to insure that the organization is in compliance with all federal, state and local laws, and tracking and reporting relating to human resources matters, such as applicants, new hires, terminations, etc.

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