Does it REALLY matter what you do on Social Media?

Kids are just having fun right? What difference does it make what they post online? This picture is circling the internet now:


I was unable to verify if the postings are actually true, but it certainly is plausible. Why? Because the way the world works has changed, and is changing and we have not educated our kids how to properly interact on social media. There is a new digital divide –social media literate vs social media illiterate.

The stakes are high -college admission officers, recruiters, and employers ARE checking the social media accounts of applicants as a first investigation/vetting of potential candidates. What are they finding?*

  • References to illegal drugs -83%
  • Posts of a sexual nature -71%
  • Profanity -65%
  • Spelling/grammar errors -61&
  • Pictures of alcohol -47%
  • Volunteering/donations to charity -65%
*Source: Brighton School of Business Management

How well do your pre-teens and teens understand what on-line practices are detrimental or helpful to their continuing education and career?

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