To provide leadership training and development programs and activities that will increase the success of African American college and university students.

African American Students

This program will work well for organizations that have a long term commitment to building a truly diverse workforce. SIDE™ is a program that will allow organizations to identify African-American and other Minority college students in their freshmen year and work with them through graduation. If an organization has desire to increase the number of African American College graduates a particular field (i.e. retail/restaurant management, IT, etc.) SIDE™ is the program that will help achieve that objective.

Student Institute for Development and Empowerment (SIDE – Corporate Leadership Program™) is a unique opportunity for universities and colleges in partnership with corporations to enrich and enhance the growth and development of its students. SIDE™ is designed to engage college/university freshmen in a four-year interactive self-development program, which will prepare them for leadership positions and greater success in the workplace and society.

As society and the workforce become more competitive and complex, it is necessary for institutions of higher learning to offer students the opportunity to gain exposure to the means by which it is possible to excel after graduation. The dynamics of Corporate America, the public and private sector are becoming more demanding of it employee, thus the expectations of college graduates are higher.

Institutions of higher learning in partnership with the public and private sectors have the responsibility of ensuring the success of its graduates. SIDE™ is the vehicle by which college students will gain the tools that are required to transition from college to the workforce. The Leadership skills that students will gain through the Institute will enable them to meet the challenges of Corporate America and the community.

It is so often that the best and brightest students are equipped with the educational necessities for the workforce, but are not marketable due to the lack of effective leadership preparedness. SIDE™ is designed to focus on each of its participants’ needs. Developing the whole person and position
them to successful in the sponsoring corporation is the focus of the institute. Graduates of SIDE™ will display a high level of confidence and self confidence as a result of this comprehensive Leadership program. In addition, participants in the program will exhibit a sense of responsibility and maturity. Through program participation, students will have the necessary skills to contribute to the success of sponsoring corporation/or organization.

Special Note
; This program can be customized to meet the needs of the sponsoring corporation/business or university and can start in the second semester of freshman year of college

As a part of the program, there will be a summer retreat.

Freshman Year (Second Semester)
Program Kick Off/ Orientation

  • Program Overview and Curriculum
  • Presentation by Sponsoring Company/organization
  • Mutual Expectations
  • Signing of Contract of Commitment
  • Personal Assessment Review (Assessment will be conducted prior to   meeting
  • Historical discussion “The Journey of a Race of People, from Africa to   America
  • Goal Setting
  • Mission and Vision Statements Development
  • Introduction of the e-Classroom concept

Sophomore Year
Session I- Fall Semester

  • Review Mission and Vision Statements
  • Affirm Goals and Objectives
  • Focus Groups Topic
  • Leadership Styles

Session II- Spring Semester

  • Layout the Personal Development Plan
  • Focus Groups Topics
  • Leadership Styles (Continued)
  • Time Management
  • Presentation by Executive of Sponsoring Company/Organization

Junior Year
Session I- Fall Semester

  • Review Personal Development Plan
  • Mentor Identification
  • Career Forecasting/ Internships
  • Focus Groups Topics
  • Image
  • Etiquette

Session II- Spring Semester

  • Confirm Mentor
  • Internship Assignments/ Mock Interviews
  • Focus Groups Topics
  • Ethics and Standards
  • Relationship Building (Understanding the Importance of Performance and    Politics)
  • Networking that Works
  • Presentation by Executive of Sponsoring Company/Organization

Senior Year
Session I- Fall Semester

  • Review Personal Development Plan
  • Layout Professional Development Plan
  • Focus Groups Topics
  • Basic Skills
  • Financial Planning
  • Physical Fitness
  • Relationships
  • The Management of Failure and Celebrating Success

Session II- Spring Semester

  • Review Professional Development Plan
  • Focus Groups Topics
  • Business Culture Assimilation
  • Becoming a Team Player
  • Community Responsibility
  • Graduation Dinner – Keynote Speaker an Executive from the Sponsoring Company


  • Books
  • Reference Guide
  • Online Resource Room (Library)
  • e-Classroom


Leadership At Its Best will offer a five day summer retreat for each freshman class. The retreat will focus on the items discussed during their first session. It will also cover more information about the Sponsoring Company and opportunities for long term career growth.

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