To provide Leadership to the Student Government Association in the development of a workable Strategic Plan.

College and University Student Government Associations (SGA)

There is a tremendous need for Student Government Associations to develop a Strategic Plan that will allow them to be more effective in the development and delivery of programs and events that improve the quality of campus life. The development of a Strategic Plan will also better alien the SGA with the overall mission and long range plan of the college/university.
Leadership At Its Best can help an SGA improve it’s over effectiveness.

The success of any organization requires the development of a Strategic Plan that gives the big picture of key trends and factors that are affecting the success of the organization. The strategic planning process will take place over one day and ½ day or can be done in one day depending on the current position of the SGA. During the process, and we use the term process because it is truly an on going process to develop a workable Strategic Plan. During the process Leadership At Its Best will work with the SGA officers, College/University President, and SGA advisors on the following:

  • Mission
  • Vision
  • Alignment with college/university mission
  • programs and projects
  • Marketing
  • Funding
  • Student Involment
  • Partnership relations
  • SGA Administration
  • New technology

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