Is Social Media Important When Looking for Job?

Social media is an ever increasing tool used by employers, recruiters and colleges to examine the integrity and credibility of a person. It can used a a fast and cheap background check, and is often the first “look” at a person who fills out an application. The things you post on social media can give a potential employer and indication of:

  • Your ability to communicate (your understanding of grammar, punctuation, and spelling)
  • Your work history
  • Your education
  • Alcohol use
  • Illegal substance abuse
  • Use of profanity
  • Your interests
  • How you spend your personal time

It is important to know that not only your various social media profiles represent who you are, but your activity online gives a clear picture of you to others. Never assume that businesses only look at LinkedIn, they are checking all of your social media activity online. Make sure that what you do online is as respectful as how you present yourself in public.


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