Theme: African-American School Students Accepting
the RESPONSIBILITY and Loving the Challenge!!

The Next Generation of Leaders

To provide leadership training and development for students in public schools so that they are better prepared to excel in many areas and be a role model
for other youth.

African American students grades 6-12

Within the present social services systems of the country, African-American youth continue to be the victims rather than the victors. As victims, African-American youth continue to be subjected to policies, instructional strategies, and human attitudes that result in growing social alienation, frustration and failure. Ultimately, the victim’s status causes unemployment, unstable lives and aggravation of urban problems; drugs, crime, gangs, vandalism, school dropouts, in other words, “self-destruction”.

Given all of the above and the reality that our youth are the hope for our future, Leadership At Its Best has developed BOLD™, “Black-student Orientation to Leadership Development™”.


BOLD™ is a comprehensive educational workshop model that will train and motivate middle school, junior high and high school students (grades 6-12). This program is designed to develop an awareness of the importance of education, positive African-American leadership, understanding the importance of community and having a strong positive self-image. The goals of BOLD™ are as follows:

  • Establish a peer-to-peer educational youth leadership development model that can be applied to the varying circumstances in the local community
  • Provide workshop experiences young African-American students in order that they might develop the necessary skills, abilities and attitudes toward self-development and career orientations.
  • Formalize instructional and motivational modules that can be transferred to the public school system and the community in the areas of leadership development, academic preparation, social and cultural awareness, and the free enterprise system.
  • Develop an evaluation design that will measure the impact of the program on its participants, the local community and provide data for program improvements.

Training Sessions
The monthly training sessions will be conducted in classroom settings or other settings that are motivational to the students. The presenters will promote participation and interaction among the students. As a means of generating participation, many different aids and approaches will be used such as role-playing, audio visual aids and guest speakers. The sessions will also be open to parents who will be encouraged to participate. To accomplish these goals there will be various modules.

There will be a different training module for each month. These topics will be designed to prepare the student to be successful.

As a result of participation in BOLD™, each student should:

  • Be better prepared to apply for college or the world of work.
  • Develop an awareness of the skills necessary to assume leadership roles in    his or her school, community, business and organizations.
  • Become more knowledgeable of his or her community, and the importance of being of service to others.
  • Be more knowledgeable of his or her national heritage.
  • Be able to serve as a catalyst in his or her own school, community, and    neighborhood in promoting youth development activities as a peer educator.

Students will be able to continue their BOLD™ leadership development learning by visiting our web site e-Learning at
The strategy for effective future world leadership is acquiring the education, skills, abilities and positive attitudes to be economically self-reliant and self-sufficient. The economic development and political independence of the African-American community will depend on how rapidly African-American youth are reoriented towards a productive future, academically, economically and socially. Leadership At Its Best through BOLD™ training modules will
be a positive step in the right direction to address issues impacting African-American public School Students.

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