BOLD – Black-student Orientation to Leadership Development Program conducted at Seventh Episcopal District of the AME Church Congress AME Church

Dr. Carter D. Womack, president and CEO of Leadership At Its Best is pleased to announce his presentation of The BOLD Program series at the ASPIRE Youth Conference during the Seventh Episcopal District of the AME Church Congress. This year’s meeting will start August 1st and run through August 4th, in Greenville, SC with more than 3,500 Church Congress attendees from across the country.   “This District has been an influencer in the state of South Carolina for more than 200 years, said Womack. He further states, “Our BOLD program staff is excited and honored to be included this year.”

As a key part of the meeting, 1,700 members of the ASPIRE Youth Conference will work with BOLD youth leaders to develop their best selves, become instrumental in their communities and claim their future as influential leaders

BOLD stands for “Black-students Orientation to Leadership Development. The purpose of the BOLD Program Series is to educate, encourage and engage African American young people to strive to be positive and successful. BOLD offers students positive experiences and guidance, while introducing and reinforcing the tools they need to become winners now and in the future!

Rev. Samuel L. Green, Jr., Christian Education Director for the 7th District says “We are so very honored to have Dr. Womack of Leadership At Its Best and their BOLD Programs engaged with our youth attending our Aspire Youth Conference. The young people will experience a power-packed session of encouragement, direction and support. BOLD focuses on helping young people Set HIGH EXPECTATIONS and develop critical thinking techniques for Making Informed RIGHT CHOICES.”

“Focusing on the development of self-leadership and life skills for our young people is critical, as we prepare them to be the best they can be,” said Womack. “We want them to know that they are WINNERS and they are BOLD and Born to WIN!”

For more information, contact Dr. Carter D. Womack at (614) 264-7599 or Samuel L. Green, Jr. at (407-405-5798). Are you ready to win? Let’s make BOLD moves to help our young people become BOLD and successful.

Leadership At Its Best is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio and has more than 10 years history of successful work in Ohio and other parts of the country, specializing in the areas of leadership, life skills and professional development. Visit the website at

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